Free Forexology Workshops
Message for all Individuals that are Interested to Learn on how to Trade on the Forex Market from our Free Workshops of Forexology from every Mon - Fri with 2 hours/session/day at flexible time shifts to accommodate all.
Note: Trading on Forex or the Markets is a complete Business.
They are two requirements for you to be able to attend the Free Forex Training Workshop.
First Requirement:
Our Aim is for you to become a successful trader after you attend our training workshop, so we require you to purchase our Training KIT which includes 6 DVDs Videos, PDF Books, and a Trading Plan all to continue building your knowledge in trading Forex. The Training Kit costs P 1,000 (or $100).
We further reflect to you a career guide in Trading on the Markets so that you can eventually be an accredited or qualified or certified Financial or Market Technical Analyst.
Do you know that as a Technical Analyst you can either trade on your own, trade for people or companies or even be hired by big institutes e.g. Banks, Insurance company, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, etc
Second Requirement:
We will initiate to open a free account for you on our HotForex platform which you will be required to complete from your email address with our support, and you will be required to fund the account with a minimum capital of $100.
This capital is your money to start trading on the live market as we train you (Think of It as your minimum capital to start your Forex Business). The more you can afford to raise your initial trading capital, the better.
Our Forexology Workshop is a practical approach rather than a passive or theoretical approach so much that you start trading the same day we start training.
To conclude we conduct the training for free on the two conditions that you fund your trading account with a minimum of $100 and you purchase our training KIT which costs P1,000 ($100) for 6 DVDs, PDF Books, and a Trading Plan.
Please complete this form to register for the Free Forexology Workshop www.workshops.hampsteadinvestments....
We require you to fill this form so that we can reserve a place for you, and to keep in touch with you throughout. Payments are not made directly from the Form you fill.
Payments for the Training Kit can either be paid to our HampStead office physically or online, while payments for your trading capital will have to be deposited to your HotForex account either through Wire Transfer or your Visa/MasterCard Debit/Credit card.
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HampStead Investments Pty Ltd is a company registered in Botswana with company No. CO2013/12270. HampStead is a company in the financial Industry. 

HampStead is a HotForex Partner for Botswana and Malawi. HampStead provides Forex; free daily presentations, free weekly training workshops and local support.

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